Here we go….

Tonight is the last pre-season Steelers game. We’re 0 – 3 so far, so I’m not real optimistic, especially since we’re playing the Panthers. Hopefully things will pick up during regular season. I figure they’ll make the playoffs, but I don’t know about the Super Bowl. But hey, I’ve seen all five of the victories, and I’d love to start the other hand, especially since it took so long to get the “one for the thumb”

Go Stillers!


My latest story is annoying me. My main character is turning into a cold, unfeeling, really kind of a jerk, guy. That wasn’t my intent. I really don’t want to start over, but I’m not sure if I can go back and change it. I’ll have to explore it.

Last night, I followed some advice from Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. In order to write, or create, you have to write whether you feel like it or not, whether you have something to write or not. I’ve spent a couple years trying to think of something to write and gotten nowhere, and so I’ve put nothing down on the page. That’s changed. I’ve started writing again, so now it’s a question of seeing what comes out of my ossified brain! Wish me luck!

Legacy, first look

As a father, one of the things that concerns me most these days is my legacy to my descendants.  Not just my son, but his children and their children.  Our pastor today read a passage from Ephesians where Paul refers to the era he lived in as evil times.  It’s not so different from today, I guess.  So these days, I’ve been considering that as I plan goals for next year.  Yes, I know it’s only August, but still, no time like now to start planning.  I’ll write more about those in days to come.