Shorts, legs, and the white tube socks

I became an engineer.  I say this because it’s:


1)  The opening line to John Hersey’s book, A Single Pebble


2)  Background to this post.


Obviously, fashion is not going to be my strong point, although I am getting better thanks to the internet and to the fact that I married an intelligent woman!


However, I’m struggling with this post by Joanna Van Vleck of Trunk Club – and if you haven’t checked them out, do so!  It’s a way to buy clothes for guys that doesn’t involve suffering through being in a store and having no idea what you’re doing, being waited on by a minimum wage paid girl that could care less.


Joanna says that white tub socks are a no no at the gym – even if you “scrunch” them down.  Okay – but I’ve always worn them at the gym.  Egad!  And worse, she says that ankle socks are what you should wear!  This disturbs me on two levels:


A)  When I think ankle socks, I think of the ones girls wear with the little balls on the back,




B)  Gadzooks!!  White hairy male legs!  Yikes!  Pollution!


She doesn’t however, address whether they’re okay under jeans with sneakers (tennies, to us Pittsburghers).


So what do you think?  White tube socks okay or not?  When?