What I read in 2014

My pace was a little down this past year due to being in school and textbooks being on the reading list.  This year thus included a bunch of computer science and programming books.  As always, there are a good number of fiction books as well, and also International Relations and Security Studies books.

The best books I read were Code, in January; A Throne of Bones and Not For Sale, in March; Jayber Crow, in May; and Head First Data Analysis, in September;

Here’s the list!

2.) Stories About Sets – N. Ya. Vilenkin
6.) War of the Rats – David L. Robbins
11.) The Wardog’s Coin – Vox Day
12.) The Last Witchking – Vox Day
(Re-read The Lost Fleet: Dauntless – Jack Campbell)
17.) The Lost Fleet: Fearless – Jack Campbell
18.) Aquinas for Armchair Theologians – Timothy M. Renick
19.) When Christians Get It Wrong – Adam Hamilton
21.) The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi – Ugolino de Monte Santa Maria, translated by W. Heywood
23.) The Road to Assisi: The Essential Biography of St. Francis – Paul Sabatier, John M. Sweeney
25.) Snowbots – Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by David Barneda (with Jacob)
26.) Horsing Around – E. and R.S. Radlauer
27.) Horseback Riding Basics – Dianne Reimer with Carol Lee
28.) Be a Winner in Horsemanship – Charles Coombs
30.) Jayber Crow – Wendell Berry
31.) Becoming Native To This Place – Wes Jackson
32.) Strategy in the Contemporary World: An Introduction to Strategic Studies, 3/e – John Baylis, James J. Wirtz, Colin S. Gray
33.) The Abomination – Jonathan Holt
35.) The Lost Fleet: Courageous – Jack Campbell
36.) The Lost Fleet: Valiant – Jack Campbell
38.) Last Snow – Eric Van Lustbader
40.) Halo: The Flood – William C. Dietz
42.) Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design (5th Edn) – Joseph Valacich, Joey George, Jeff A. Hoffer
(Re-read Athabasca by Alistair MacLean)
47.) The Moon Maze Game (Dream Park #4) – Larry Niven and Steven Barnes
49.) Why Study Theology – Donald G. Luck
53.) Prey – Michael Crichton
54.) Sea Demon (Shadow Squadron #1) – Carl Bowen
55.) Balkan Ghosts: A Journey Through History – Robert D. Kaplan
56.) Head First Statistics – Dawn Griffiths
57.) The Loch – Steve Alten
59.) The Windup Girl – Paolo Bacigalupi
62.) Essentials of International Relations, 6th Edition –  Karen A. Mingst and Ivan M. Arreguin-Toft
63.) Epidemiology: A Very Short Introduction – Rodolfo Saracci
66.) Halo: Contact Harvest (Halo #5) – Joseph Staten
70.) The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra – Shin Takahashi
72.) The Science of Interstellar – Kip Thorne
74.) From Geometry to Topology – Graham Flegg
78.) The Manga Guide to Databases – Mana Takahashi, Shoko Azuma, Trend-Pro Co., Ltd
What good books did you read this past year?