What I’m Reading – March 2016

It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these, so here’s a look at what I”m currently reading:

Law 101: Everything You Need to Know About American Law, by Jay Feinman.  In my quixotic quest to understand world affairs, I’ve noted that law comes up quite a bit, whether it pertains to international trade, human rights, or even biosecurity.  The law pervades every part of our lives, and even here at home some of the cutting edge issues such as drones and internet privacy are being worked out in law courts.  So I figured that an overview of American law was a good place to start, and I found this book at the library.


Blood and Earth: Modern Slavery, Ecocide, and the Secret to Saving the World, by Kevin Bales.  I forget where I saw this one advertised, but with the combination of human trafficking and environmental damage, how could I not be interested?


Foundation’s Fear (Second Foundation Trilogy #1), by Gregory Benford.  I mean, come on, Asimov’s Foundation books are classics.  And how could anybody interested in international affairs not think Psychohistory is cool?  Unfortunately, the master has passed away, so anything that continues his universe is worth a try.


Tweets of the Week

I’m starting to filter these so they’re not so long, and hopefully of more value to you.

Rosa Brooks ‏@brooks_rosa :  A Drone of One’s Own – By Rosa Brooks | Foreign Policy http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2013/03/21/a_drone_of_ones_own#.UUuYTV2p-Sc.twitter

 J. Scott Shipman ‏@jscottshipman :  Thus far; excellent: Brunelleschi’s Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture by Ross King http://www.amazon.com/dp/0142000159/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_HbYsrb007PG0M

Text Message Retention Policies http://bit.ly/15x1aTC

What a novel concept: What’s Missing from the Iraq Debate? Iraqis – By Marc Lynch http://atfp.co/YIN7q0

*headdesk* x 100 : Are Urban Explorers Really a Threat to Our National Security? http://bit.ly/YIMWuT

When Technology Overtakes Security http://bit.ly/ZzZDLK

Global Cities of the Super-Rich http://bit.ly/ZAWefG

Booming Asian Cities Are Tugging The World’s Center of Light East http://bit.ly/Y0aqQr

Ebay style feedback could secure military networks http://bit.ly/ZefEDL

Rachel Held Evans ‏@rachelheldevans :  Christianity Today Gleanings: International Justice Mission Wins ‘Landmark’ Sex Trafficking Conviction in India http://buff.ly/ZLzys6

Calestous Juma ‏@calestous :  Global Evolution of Biomanufacturing http://bit.ly/10iNpsi

Small Wars Journal ‏@smallwars :  The Trajectory of Intelligence Practice from DESERT SHIELD to IRAQI FREEDOM to Today http://bit.ly/YpHxcQ  #Iraq #Intelligence

On Modern-Day Slavery: Today We’ve Disappeared by April Yamasaki http://feedly.com/k/XpULGi

Daniel Solomon ‏@Dan_E_Solo :  All politics are local, gendered edition: what role for women in northern #Mali’s insurgency? http://bit.ly/YFL3z1 . (via @sahelblog)

After the Aircraft Carrier: 3 Alternatives to the Navy’s Vulnerable Flattops http://bit.ly/YVOUet

5 Trends That Will Drive The Future of Technology http://bit.ly/Y4cTvm

Three wars that will define America’s future: Silicon, Iron, and Shadow – By David W. Barno http://atfp.co/15ZYu2Z

Tyrannicide and the Lost Republic http://bit.ly/ZsL4cP via @zenpundit

Pitt professor lands $3.4M NIH grant for wearable artificial lung http://bit.ly/WE3rg8

FinSpy surveillance software package: http://bit.ly/15YL732

A consumer’s guide to 3D printers: See:… http://bit.ly/Y0ed2o

Summary article on the state-sponsored Gauss malware: Gauss http://bit.ly/11eYDAy

China’s BGI to Sequence 2,200 Geniuses In Search For “Smart” Genes http://bit.ly/XWYEX9

Marissa Mayer and Einheit:   Desperate measures http://bit.ly/109rYK8

China replaces Britain in world’s top five arms exporters: report http://reut.rs/ZC2qTC  via @reuters

10 Years After the Iraq War, How Has Baghdad Changed? http://bit.ly/116BzjM

This is VERY cool:  Turning a Persian Rug Into a City http://bit.ly/YkzYqU

How Many Steps Do You Really Look Ahead?  http://bit.ly/YNngjW

To COIN or Not? – An FP Roundtable http://atfp.co/115qVcR

Argo http://bit.ly/11a77ZG  @zenpundit gives it a thumbs up.

Potential drought resilience strategies for the Horn of Africa http://bit.ly/WRwcY2

Everyday Leaks From Sewer Systems Lead to Alarming Amounts of Sewage in Our Waterways http://bit.ly/Wy89Mo

Lessons in Self-Defense for Women, From Tahrir Square http://bit.ly/134LTOc

Big Data and You http://bit.ly/ZDWBoH

Ummm…YES!  Should We Set Up Drone Guidelines? http://bit.ly/Wy56Ea

Guess who’s coming to dinner…Bruno Maisonnier: Dancing, tiny robots! http://bit.ly/WufigW

Scary stuff:  How Drones Can Live off the Land for Years http://bit.ly/WufcpF

Biomedicine Update: Progress on the AIDS/HIV Front http://bit.ly/YkJg3d

The Rise of the Cossacks Amidst Russia’s Decline http://bit.ly/ZKsA5i

Agriculture and Husbandry: The Slow-Motion Singularity http://bit.ly/ZKrma0

Washington “Cancels” Fourth Stage of European Phased Adaptive Approach http://bit.ly/ZAKAjP

Science of Digital Fabrication – Materials and Mechanisms: 3D Printing http://bit.ly/XQgg6I