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What I read in 2014

Posted by macengr on January 27, 2015

My pace was a little down this past year due to being in school and textbooks being on the reading list.  This year thus included a bunch of computer science and programming books.  As always, there are a good number of fiction books as well, and also International Relations and Security Studies books.

The best books I read were Code, in January; A Throne of Bones and Not For Sale, in March; Jayber Crow, in May; and Head First Data Analysis, in September;

Here’s the list!

2.) Stories About Sets – N. Ya. Vilenkin
6.) War of the Rats – David L. Robbins
11.) The Wardog’s Coin – Vox Day
12.) The Last Witchking – Vox Day
(Re-read The Lost Fleet: Dauntless – Jack Campbell)
17.) The Lost Fleet: Fearless – Jack Campbell
18.) Aquinas for Armchair Theologians – Timothy M. Renick
19.) When Christians Get It Wrong – Adam Hamilton
21.) The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi – Ugolino de Monte Santa Maria, translated by W. Heywood
23.) The Road to Assisi: The Essential Biography of St. Francis – Paul Sabatier, John M. Sweeney
25.) Snowbots – Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by David Barneda (with Jacob)
26.) Horsing Around – E. and R.S. Radlauer
27.) Horseback Riding Basics – Dianne Reimer with Carol Lee
28.) Be a Winner in Horsemanship – Charles Coombs
30.) Jayber Crow – Wendell Berry
31.) Becoming Native To This Place – Wes Jackson
32.) Strategy in the Contemporary World: An Introduction to Strategic Studies, 3/e – John Baylis, James J. Wirtz, Colin S. Gray
33.) The Abomination – Jonathan Holt
35.) The Lost Fleet: Courageous – Jack Campbell
36.) The Lost Fleet: Valiant – Jack Campbell
38.) Last Snow – Eric Van Lustbader
40.) Halo: The Flood – William C. Dietz
42.) Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design (5th Edn) – Joseph Valacich, Joey George, Jeff A. Hoffer
(Re-read Athabasca by Alistair MacLean)
47.) The Moon Maze Game (Dream Park #4) – Larry Niven and Steven Barnes
49.) Why Study Theology – Donald G. Luck
53.) Prey – Michael Crichton
54.) Sea Demon (Shadow Squadron #1) – Carl Bowen
55.) Balkan Ghosts: A Journey Through History – Robert D. Kaplan
56.) Head First Statistics – Dawn Griffiths
57.) The Loch – Steve Alten
59.) The Windup Girl – Paolo Bacigalupi
62.) Essentials of International Relations, 6th Edition –  Karen A. Mingst and Ivan M. Arreguin-Toft
63.) Epidemiology: A Very Short Introduction – Rodolfo Saracci
66.) Halo: Contact Harvest (Halo #5) – Joseph Staten
70.) The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra – Shin Takahashi
72.) The Science of Interstellar – Kip Thorne
74.) From Geometry to Topology – Graham Flegg
78.) The Manga Guide to Databases – Mana Takahashi, Shoko Azuma, Trend-Pro Co., Ltd
What good books did you read this past year?

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Update – Graduation looms…

Posted by macengr on December 11, 2014

So my semester is just about done.  I am finished with my SQL class, and am awaiting the final grades in my International Relations class. I finished my Future Cities class on EDX as well.  Whew!  Now I can graduate!

In related news, I finished a Global Health class and an Epidemiology class online.  These were not officially graded, being work-at-your-own pace classes, but I scored an A in each of them.

So, school done, what next?  Well, I am working on continuing to burnish my computer skills – Python and R, both very big languages in Data Science.  For the spring, I am signed up for a class for R and also a class on how to use programming to do linear algebra – this will be in Python.

At this point, I think my future direction may lie in Computational Epidemiology.

In addition, I am reading.  As always, I will post a list of the books I read this year in January.  Right now, I am reading a book on the history of the number Zero, and a book on Topology.  For fun, I have been reading HALO books.  I’ve never really played the game but it’s a cool setting.

Anyway, more later!

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SQL Transactions – Example

Posted by macengr on November 20, 2014

So, as I wrote yesterday, I needed to create a Transaction for my SQL database.  If you’ll remember, my database was a hypothetical library in Africa.  A new book needs cataloged, and since the book table is interlinked with several other tables, you don’t want one of the inserts to succeed and another to fail, because then your tables won’t match, and that’s all bad.  So you group all the inserts into one batch called a transaction and thus ensure data integrity.  So here we insert a book into the book table, an author into the author table, and a category into the category table all at once.  Creative Commons license blah blah blah.


DECLARE @AuthorID int

DECLARE @Category_ID int



INSERT Authors VALUES (‘Coppen’, ‘Ben’);


INSERT Categories VALUES (‘Computers’);

SET @Category_ID = 3;


Values(0763732303, ‘Artificial Intelligence Illuminated’, @AuthorID, 2004, 1,@Category_ID, NULL);






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Playing catch-up, and Global Health, Part 0

Posted by macengr on November 19, 2014

I missed two days, but I am not going to stop my NaBloPoMo because of that.  What have I been doing?

Well, Sunday was church.  I have had a certain issue on my mind that I’ve been praying about, and while I don’t have a clear answer yet, things have been moving, so we’ll see.

I finished my International Affairs textbook, and wrote another essay for the class.  Two left before the end of the year – and one I’m not sure what I’m going to write about.  In SQL, I read about transactions, and I started coding one.  I think I know how to finish it, and when I do, I’ll post it here.  One more optional program after this!  I should mention, that when I’m done with these two classes, I will graduate with a Certificate in Software Development.

We finally got Minecraft installed for my son – the web page does not allow you to register.  We ended up being able to register at Mojang’s homepage.

So, exploring the field of Epidemiology, as I mentioned previously, is one thing I’ve been doing.  I am taking an online class on it.  I am also working through another go-at-your-own-pace class from Harvard / EDX on Global Health.  That one has been very interesting as it has tied into a lot of things I’ve studied in International Security and International Affairs.  It even has brought back some of the reading I did on feminism; namely, philosophers like Foucault.  I would like to write more about this, so hopefully tomorrow!

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Big Hero 6

Posted by macengr on November 16, 2014

We saw this tonight, thus pushing back my post on Global Health. This film was great.  Fun for the whole family!

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Friday is for Family

Posted by macengr on November 15, 2014

Today my son had a recital at school and they got out early.  Family time!  So tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on some Global Health stuff…

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Thursday the…Thirteenth!

Posted by macengr on November 14, 2014

13 for 13 on my NaBloPoMo!  Sweet!

I’m struggling with what to write about today.  I wrote an essay today on identifying the aggressor in international conflict and why it does or does not matter.  I started with Thucydides, drew on Aquinas (Just War theory) and then referenced several UN treaties and articles.  I wrote about whether or not the advent of so-called fourth generation warfare would have any effect on these criteria, since for the most part they refer to nations as the primary actors.  My paper hasn’t been graded yet; I’ll put it up once it is.  I was, however, disappointed to find that Wikipedia is still not regarded as a valid source, despite the fact that it has been shown to have no more errors than the Encyclopedia Britannica.

In other news, we gave my son Minecraft for his birthday.  However, for the last few nights we haven’t been able to download it because we keep getting a message that they are updating their servers.  As you can imagine, this is quite frustrating.

Other than that, nothing new and exciting!

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Data Validation with a SQL Trigger

Posted by macengr on November 13, 2014

For our semester long project for my SQL class, we had to create an actual database and we have been entering data and creating everything from views to scripts to triggers.

My database is a hypothetical small library in Ghana, which has been funded by a donor organization with a large number of books and several computers.  My own modest collection of 800+ books serves as the actual library (I haven’t entered them all in…yet).  The trigger I wrote is for when there is a fine to be paid.  The trigger will validate the data entered in.  Here’s the code.  Creative Commons License, and all that.

ON Fines
DECLARE @PatronNo int, @BookNo int, @BookTitle varchar(50), @BorrowedDate Date,
@FineAmount money, @PaidStatus char(2), @TestRowCount int;
SELECT @TestRowCount = COUNT(*) FROM inserted;
IF @TestRowCount = 1
SELECT @PatronNo = Patron_ID, @BookNo = Book_ID, @PaidStatus = PaidStatus
FROM inserted;
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM Patrons WHERE Patron_ID = @PatronNo)
THROW 50001, ‘That Patron does not exist.’, 1;
IF @PatronNo IS NULL
THROW 50001, ‘Invalid Patron Number.’, 1;
THROW 50001, ‘That Book does not exist.’, 1;
THROW 50001, ‘Invalid Book Number.’, 1;
SET @BookTitle = (SELECT BookTitle FROM Books WHERE @BookNo = Books.Book_ID)
SET @BorrowedDate = (SELECT Date_Borrowed FROM Lending
WHERE @PatronNo = Patron_ID AND
@BookNo = Book_ID);
SET @FineAmount = DATEDIFF(day, @BorrowedDate, GETDATE())
IF @PaidStatus <> ‘Y’ OR @PaidStatus <> ‘N’
THROW 50001, ‘Paid Status must be Y or N’, 1;

(Patron_ID, Book_ID, Book_Title, FineAmount, PaidStatus)
VALUES (@PatronNo, @BookNo, @BookTitle, @FineAmount, @PaidStatus);
THROW 50027, ‘Limit INSERT to a single row.’, 1;

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All gave some…Some gave all

Posted by macengr on November 11, 2014

God bless all our veterans who served, especially my father, my uncle, and my cousin.

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Currently Reading…

Posted by macengr on November 11, 2014

Here are some books I am currently reading.

First, the two textbooks for the classes I am taking at Community College. I’ll wrap up my Software Development Certificate next month!


Next, I am reading a book by an English Professor at West Point.  It’s a fascinating read on what it’s like to teach literature to soldiers during the Long War.  She sees her mission as helping them learn to think.  She provides great anecdotes and analysis about this mission.

Finally, the Samantha Power book I’ve mentioned before:

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