Down the Rabbit Hole: International Security and Gender

“…through understanding and placing notions of gender at the centre of any debate on security we unleash a series of interlocking understandings of the way people of either sex relate to fear, violence, insecurity, violence, and the institutions of war and peace.”
–Caroline Kennedy-Pipes, “Gender and Security”
Source: Contemporary Security Studies, 2nd edn, by Alan Collins, Oxford University Press, NY, NY, 2010

I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole with this one.  Dr. Megan MacKenzie and I had a discussion on Twitter about women in combat (I wrote a blog post here) and for years, I interacted with Kelly Smith, a pastor in the United Methodist Church, who is a feminist.

Now you have to understand where I’m coming from – I’m a white, male, Christian, conservative.  You can probably guess that I know little of feminism and what I do know, I generally don’t agree with.  Yes, yes, women are equal to men and have the same rights, of course I believe that.  It’s the more, shall we say, liberal aspects that I tend to disagree with.
Anyway, having recently finished Contemporary Security Studies, I find that my knowledge of philosophy is woefully lacking for understanding the various schools of thought (constructivism, post-marxism, neoliberalism, etc.).  In particular, the Copenhagen School seems to be very influential these days and so I’ve gone back and started reading to try to fill the gaps in my knowledge.  Reading Dr. MacKenzie (see the first chapter of her book, Female Soldiers in Sierra Leone) introduced me to Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida, as well as feminist theory – and believe me, it never occurred to me that feminist theory would have ANYTHING at all to do with the subject – I mean, I grew up on Rambo and (the original) Red Dawn under Reagan.
Also, I went to Seminary many moons ago, and briefly had my face rubbed in Feminist Theology, but I bailed – I wasn’t ready, and I freely admit it – to engage the subject.
Now I am, and so into the exploration of gender and security and theology and technology and how they relate to feminism I go.  Half of the world is female, and many female scholars working in International Relations and Security have studied these concepts, so I think it’s worth it to at least understand it, even if I don’t agree with it.  I’m starting with Judith Butler’s Undoing Gender.  I’ll keep you posted…

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-11-10

16h RT @USATODAY Nearly 40% say marriage is becoming obsolete 

9 Nov Nils Gilman ‏@nils_gilman

Counterinsurgency as a catalyst for information technology revolutions: …

21h SpaceRef Business ‏@spacecommerce

ESA’s IXV reentry vehicle prepares for soft landing 

21h Dilithium? Space Time Crystals – Scientists have devised a method to create… 

21h Covert War with Iran Knows No Boundaries 

21h Headlines at 21st Century Tech for November 9, 2012 

21h China Makes It Official: Game of Thrones Is On 

8 Nov US AFRICOM ‏@USAfricaCommand

Eight Navies Complete East African Exercise Cutlass Express 2012 … #AFRICOM @NAVEUR_NAVAF

9 Nov J. Scott Shipman ‏@jscottshipman

Largo Man’s Labors of Love: Good Food and Warfare 

23h Gary McGraw on National Cybersecurity 

23h Taliban suicide bomber attacks Rangers HQ in Karachi 

9 Nov @jason_d_carr Exactly. The same thing that resulted in US jobs going there – they didn’t learn from history!

9 Nov China Losing Jobs to Vietnam 

9 Nov We’re doomed: Poll: Nearly One Third Of Americans Would Accept ‘TSA Body Cavity Search’ in Order to Fly 

9 Nov More al Qaeda links to Cairo terror cell reportedly found 

9 Nov How Terrorist Groups Disband 

9 Nov I’d say this is stretching it a wee bit… Internet Access Is a Human Right, Says United Nations 

9 Nov Building Resilient Cities: A Conversation With Andrew Zolli and Jonathan Rose 

9 Nov Still want to know when he’s returning that peace prize: War Plans for Mali Leaked 

8 Nov Bionic Limbs Step Up – Thought-Controlled Prosthetic Leg Climbs 2,100 Stair Building 

8 Nov US drone strike near Yemeni capital kills AQAP commander, 2 fighters 

8 Nov The Race to a Billion Billion Operations Per Second: An Exaflop by 2018? 

8 Nov Some suggestions to the GOP from @zenpundit : The Republican Party: A Strategic View 

8 Nov Profitable climate fixes are too tempting for rogue geoengineers to resist: 

8 Nov Kepler’s Conjecture falls: Pitt professor cracks 400-year-old math mystery 

8 Nov Possible Habitable World in a Six-Planet System 

8 Nov Trouble at the Top in China 

8 Nov Game of Thrones: Anglosphere Moves as Australia and Canada Boost India Ties 

8 Nov *headdesk* Pennsylvania gives billions to companies, gets little back, studies say 

7 Nov Taliban suicide bomber kills 5 people in Peshawar 

7 Nov Milena Rodban ‏@MilenaRodban

US stocks plunge after Election Day; major indexes close more than 2% down – @CNBC 

 7 Nov Regulation as a Prisoner’s Dilemma 

7 Nov Mogadishu on the Mend 

7 Nov Fiscal Cliff Notes – By Gordon Adams 

7 Nov In Laos, Xayaburi dam to go ahead 

7 Nov Zawahiri says raids on diplomatic facilities were ‘defeats’ for US 

7 Nov Wow. This would be historic indeed. Puerto Rico…the state: The most important election result? 

7 Nov RT @Wikistrat: Will environmentalists halt economic development of Arctic region? #HowTheArcticWasWon simulation analyzes cc:@arcticfutures

7 Nov Singularity Hub ‏@singularityhub

New at the #Dentist – 3D Printing Dental Crowns While you Wait | Singularity Hub … @sironadental#3dPrint #CAD #CAM

7 Nov Big Think ‏@bigthink

One culture, one society. “Multicultural society” is a physical (and sociological) impossibility. @SatoshiKanazawa …

7 Nov US AFRICOM ‏@USAfricaCommand

African Students Learn the Truth about Security … #AFRICOM

6 Nov Dear Chris Matthews: No, YOU’RE the idiot: …

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6 Nov Jacob ‏@Darjeelingzen

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” H. L. Mencken

6 Nov In light of the PA voting machine screwup, Democrats: Don’t get cocky: 

6 Nov Biomedicine Update: Building a Better Human Using Medical Technology 

6 Nov On Pakistan and nukes: @cchristinefair : Great article in Foreign Policy! …

6 Nov CIA Spy Girl ‏@CIAspygirl

Small Favor: Please don’t post any #Election2012 results or comments. I’m tivo-ing the election & will watch this weekend after#Homeland.

6 Nov  ISAF captured IMU weapons trafficker in northern Afghanistan 

6 Nov Laura Walker ‏@LauraWalkerKC

Special Forces and Navy SEALS Head to Polls, Counter Black Panther Presence 

6 Nov Jane McGonigal ‏@avantgame

It’s amazing how many people are tweeting at me who believe the myth that voter fraud is common. …

6 Nov Good read: RT @angie_a: When in doubt, ACT …

6 Nov Teratocracy Triumphant?  via @cascio

6 Nov New CEO at RedZone Robotics 

6 Nov He called it: Carl Sagan on politics in the age of information 

6 Nov Small Wars Journal ‏@smallwars

Dual Use? #Iran‘s nuclear program 

6 Nov Pakistani General to Civilian Leadership: Don’t Mess with Us 

6 Nov mObi – The Latest Arrival To The Crowded Telepresence Robot Scene 

6 Nov Is Japan heading for a Zombie future? 

6 Nov  Another Sunday, Another Attack on African Christians 

6 Nov Al Qaeda in Iraq suicide bomber kills 31 at Iraqi Army base in Taji 

6 Nov KurzweilAINews ‏@KurzweilAINews

Blind mole rats may hold key to cancer: Some 23% of humans die of cancer, but blind mole rats — which can live f… 

6 Nov American Suzuki to file for bankruptcy, end U.S. auto sales 

6 Nov Already had this book in my anti-library: Book Review: Lords of the Sea by John R. Hale  via @zenpundit

6 Nov Lots of good links here: China linkage: Party Congress, round-tripping, Mao’s thought, mega dams and more 

6 Nov @stcolumbia Or retaliation by those countries, either. We’d never do one in Russia or China…

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6 Nov Thomas P.M. Barnett ‏@thomaspmbarnett

China bad sign #2: young professionals leaving in record numbers …

6 Nov New Vulnerability Against Industrial Control Systems 

6 Nov Future of logistics, supply chain management, freight,… 

6 Nov Uncertainty Increasing, Which Is Postnormal 

6 Nov A Christian view of the election: This Is Not A Democracy 

5 Nov Kind of puts it in perspective: CHART – U.S. Corporate Profits Vs. Employee Wages 

5 Nov Losing Yemen – By Gregory Johnsen 

5 Nov 12 Catastrophes the Next President Must Avoid – By David Rothkopf 

5 Nov Syrian Rebels Get Better at Fighting But Not at Governing 

5 Nov Erdogan Goes to Gaza 

5 Nov China: big bad sign #1 (money leaks out) 

5 Nov Chemical Plant Protest in China Highlights Growing Popular Power 

5 Nov Al-Qaeda on the Run in Algeria? 

5 Nov Another anti-Taliban leader assassinated in northwestern Pakistan 

5 Nov The future of news: automated, crowdsourced, and better than ever 

5 Nov Game of Drones? Asian Militaries Shift Toward Cutting Edge Tech 

5 Nov US adds Haqqani Network suicide operations chief to list of global terrorists 

5 Nov Towers Of Vegetables Go Up As Singapore Builds First Vertical Farm 

5 Nov Vesta: A Protoplanet’s Mutable Surface 

5 Nov Wearable Breast Cancer Test Detects Tumors Before Doctors 

5 Nov Curiosity s Methane Hunt Comes Up Empty 

4 Nov Stuart Candy ‏@futuryst

How is Singapore integrating foresight into government? @aaronmaniam explains  #governance #futures/cc @dunagan23

4 Nov Taliban claim over 20 insider attacks in 8 months 

4 Nov Perceptive blog post by @ericgarland : This is what we mean by systemic fragility 

4 Nov Blogfest Asia 2012: a thought or two  via @faineg

4 Nov Milena Rodban ‏@MilenaRodban

#Israel announces plans to boost Iron Dome #missile interceptor 

4 Nov Anti-Taliban commander assassinated in Buner 

4 Nov European Crisis: Five More Years 

4 Nov The New Industrial Revolution 

4 Nov Scary: Fracture the Empire-States to Enhance Democracy – Global Separatism  cc: @ericgarland

4 Nov Something I need to remember, via @hipbonegamer and @zenpundit: Details, nuances and blind-spots… 

4 Nov No Dystopian Future For Me! 

4 Nov New Pitt lab aims to move quantum computing 

4 Nov Jihadists suspected in deaths of 3 Egyptian policemen 

4 Nov Good question from Pundita: Why didn’t NYC Mayor Bloomberg think to ask visiting marathoners to pitch in and help 

4 Nov New book out – recommended: History of the Renaissance World …

4 Nov Does Xi’s Rise Mean a More Aggressive China? Not Necessarily 

4 Nov Campaigns Embrace Big Data, Algorithms, Mobile Tech…They Know Who You Are 

3 Nov Dan Trombly ‏@stcolumbia

Via @aelkus, this is an article about how cholera caused WWII by killing Clausewitz early. …

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-11-02

I may have to do this more than once a week…

10h    ‏I read Pump Six and Other Stories by Paolo Bacigalupi 

13h   ‏Actually, this scares me: Health Care of the Future 

17h   ‏Biomedicine Update: Are We About to Slay Viruses Forever? Mark 2022 on Your Calendar 

17h   ‏Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and the US Trafficking in Persons Laws 

20h   The War on Terror Opens A New Front 

20h     Self-Healing Concrete and Other 21st-Century Miracles 

20h   Resource Rapture: China’s play for African gold, at what cost? 

20h   Egyptian security official dismisses reports of foiled terror plot in Sinai 

21hNukes of Hazard ‏@nukes_of_hazard Latest IAEA report on #Iran released on August 30. Ehud Barak now touting its conclusions. Better late than never 

20hSarah Emily Duff ‏@sarahemilyduff The Communist Manifesto, illustrated, … via @brainpicker

21h Rachel Armstrong ‏@livingarchitect Astronauts take spacewalk to find ammonia leak (Update) … via @physorg_com

21h Rachel Armstrong ‏@livingarchitect New discovery shows promise in future speed of synthesizing high-demand nanomaterials … via@physorg_com

21h   ‏Bloomberg Businessweek shows another reason its subscribership is declining: 

21hLaura Walker ‏@LauraWalkerKC

What really happened in Benghazi? – … Blistering and pointed #Benghazi#7HoursofHell

21h   What Could the Future of Work Look Like? 

22h   Ai Weiwei: The Internet vs. The Chinese Government | The Way of Ai Weiwei | Big Think 

22h   Good question: Does Culture Trump Strategy? 

22h   G-Class Outliers: Musings on Intelligent Life 

22h   Unraveling Animal Speech 

22h   Palestinians Caught Up in Syrian Conflict 

31 Oct   @VenessaMiemis Group Deck of Cards: Coversations that matter: …

31 Oct   A Sign of Things To Come: Israeli Police Network Hacked 

31 Oct   George W. Bush signed off on 50 drone strikes, Obama has approved more than 350: …#pleasereturnpeaceprize

31 Oct   Game theory and war: Regional Variation in the Explanatory Power of War and Reason 

31 Oct   Video reportedly shows key suspect from Benghazi attack 

31 Oct   Tom Barnett endorses Romney 

31 Oct   Swansong Earth: Refuges for Life 

31 Oct   The Long Third War – By Micah Zenko 

31 Oct   EPIC FAIL: UN Peacekeeping in Africa 

31 Oct   The Benghazi Debacle 

31 Oct   What Jesus Might Say About Sandy 

31 Oct   I read What Went Wrong? The Clash Between Is… by Bernard Lewis 

30 Oct   The passion of Jonah Lehrer, and a people addicted to Insights  via @ericgarland

30 Oct   The long-term threat of debt 

30 Oct   Surprise – the man who ‘jumped from space’ doesn’t like space exploration 

30 OctLeah Farrall ‏@allthingsct RT @zenpundit: “On behalf of Charles Cameron…..” 

30 Oct   Fascinating. Many links from this story: Bank of England’s Haldane: Occupy was right 

30 Oct   futurist-foresight: Trends: Looking at the tech trends of the future… 

30 Oct   Plot to attack tourist sites in Sinai reportedly thwarted 

30 Oct   Satellite pictures suggest Sudanese weapons factory hit by air strike 

30 Oct   These Unbelievable Pictures of Sandy’s Destruction Are Actually Real 

30 Oct     Asteroid Deflection: The Paintball Solution 

30 Oct   Technology and War – Part 3: War’s Impact on Transportation Technology 

30 Oct   Afghan policeman kills two British soldiers in Helmand 

29 OctJ. Scott Shipman ‏@jscottshipman Mark Helprin: America’s Capsizing Naval Policy – 

30 Oct US AFRICOM ‏@USAfricaCommand #Dempsey hits rumors about #Africom chief’s departure …

29 Oct Voice of the Martyrs ‏@VOM_USA Several Christians have been arrested in a mostly-Muslim nation. For security reasons, we can’t say more. Please #pray for them.

30 Oct   Six storms that changed the course of history: Winds of Change – By Ty McCormick 

30 Oct   Iran dispatches warships to Sudan after Israeli airstrike on missile base 

30 Oct   Superstorm Sandy Seen In a Beautiful Map of Pure Wind 

30 Oct   Curiosity Sits on Rocks Similar to Ones in Mexico 

30 Oct   No One Knows When New York’s Subway Will Reopen 

30 Oct   Why You Should Text, Not Call to Check on Loved Ones Post-Sandy 

30 Oct   International Jihadis Descend on Mali 

30 OctNoah Raford ‏@nraford And it begins RT @nils_gilman: Bioweaponry meets the drone imaginary (“targeted killing” vs. WMD):  #biogreygoo

30 OctSmall Wars Journal ‏@smallwars Russian COIN in Chechnya – Winning the Battle, Losing the War, 1994-1996 

30 Oct On The Relevance Of Celtic Christianity To Today 

30 Oct I read Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife by John A. Nagl 

29 Oct Open Foresight: A New Model for Public Futurism 

29 Oct Boyd: A3, Einheit, and the conceptual spiral 

29 Oct Nanotubes Rescue IT Revolution 

29 Oct Military strategy is like Battleship Game Theory – By John Arquilla 

29 Oct The Arctic is the Mediterranean of the 21st century: Open Seas – By James Holmes 

29 Oct Lessons Learned from Red Bull Stratos ing-the-envelope-lessons-learned-from-red-bull-stratos/ …

29 Oct Detecting Fake Hurricane Photographs 

29 Oct The Benghazi mess and its consequences 

29 Oct Where Will The Next Pandemic Come From? And How Can We Stop It? …

29 Oct Will Future Mobility Lead to Future Instability? 

29 Oct America’s Foreign Legion 

29 Oct Was an ExxonMobil Executive Assassinated in Brussels? 

29 Oct Trying to Start Religious War in Nigeria 

29 Oct A Tour of the Cell 

29 Oct The failure of light-footprint intervention to provide long-term stability 

29 Oct Hello, Pittsburgh? Does Your City Need a Transit Riders Union? 

29 Oct Hurricane Sandy Is a Category 1 Cyclone, But It Has the Eyewall Of a Category 3 

29 Oct Fellow Christians: fastest way to alienate unbelievers – say this storm is God punishing us. #seriously#eyeroll

29 Oct Benghazi Attack Timeline: …

29 Oct Reading about Environmental Security is apropos as Hurricane Sandy approaches. Specifically, the work of Jon Barnett of U of Melbourne

29 Oct Small Wars Journal ‏@smallwars Rebalancing the US military for 21st Century Threats: An Interview with Janine Davidson 

29 Oct Nukes of Hazard ‏@nukes_of_hazard As Hurricane Sandy bears down, re-upping @Nickolas_Roth on why nuclear weapons arent a good way to prevent major storms 

29 Oct Photo: Hurricane Sandy vs Hurricane Irene: Sandy is MUCH bigger: …

28 Oct Tanja Hichert ‏@TanjaHichert RT @iftf: The World’s First Commercial Vertical Farm Opens in Singapore – … #FoodFutures

29 Oct @faineg Saw this article this weekend: …

28 Oct Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ Hurricane #Sandy is wider, stronger than Irene. A side-by-side comparison: 

29 Oct Richard Florida ‏@Richard_Florida The 66% – America’s Growing UnderClass – My latest in@AtlanticCities – …

29 Oct Adam Elkus ‏@Aelkus Anatol Lieven on Afghan war after 2014 …

29 Oct Crispin J. Burke ‏@CrispinBurke The Iliad and the Long War 

29 Oct Jodi Beggs ‏@jodiecongirl #hurricaneentertainment RT @WSJ: All of WSJ is free for everyone to read and share today: 

29 Oct Provocative: Why the UK doesn’t want to prosecute financial crimes 

29 Oct Pentagon annual Rept on China Military – hopefully more accurate than Soviet military reports were: …

29 Oct Ediplomacy: The revolution continues 

29 Oct Founder of African Institute for Technology: TEDxChange TEDxAMS – Ndubuisi Ekekwe 

29 Oct Prayers out for all in its path: Hurricane Sandy’s Track: 10 Million People Could Lose Power 

29 Oct What Tumblr can tell us about the future of media — Tech News and Analysis 

29 Oct attackerman ‏@attackerman Only “30 to 50 percent” of Predator & Reaper drone data feeds are encrypted, 4 years after Radio-Shack Iraq hack. By @dangerroom &@daxe.

29 Oct New estimates: Sub Saharan African countries lost $814bn in capital flight 

29 Oct Google Activates Hurricane Sandy Tracking Map 

29 Oct Sony Playstation 3 Master Key Leaked 

29 Oct Cool History of Congress partisan and ideological make-up infographic at XKCD: 

29 Oct Schwab Foundation ‏@schwabfound Apply by Nov 16 @acumenfund Global Fellows Programme ,world-class leadership training for social entrepreneurs 

28 Oct Kelsey D Atherton ‏@the_boy there’s a cartoon with a story arc about supporting an insurgency. Over at #BlogTarkin@CrispinBurke dives into it …

28 Oct SpaceX ‏@SpaceX Raw video of #Dragon‘s splashdown into the Pacific 

28 Oct US Navy tests first drone…ship: …

27 Oct The World Is Not Enough: Google and the Future of Augmented Reality – Alexis C. Madrigal – The Atlantic 

27 Oct Mechanical Pencil That Draws Carbon Nanotubes Developed By MIT Researchers 

27 Oct CIA Found Terror Links A Day After Libya Attack 

27 Oct Syrian War Threatens Regional Stability 

27 Oct Do Ceasefires Ever Work? – Page Fortna 

27 Oct Italy Sinks Further Into Chaos 

27 Oct Foreign jihadists continue to pour into Mali