Boarding the Facebook Train

I created a Facebook profile awhile ago, mainly because I already had done so for LinkedIn and MySpace (links to those are in my sidebars).

Recently, it seems, Facebook is becoming more and more popular.  There are those that say it will replace the other two.  But I’m not so sure.  Facebook IS popular, but most of my contacts are late teens / early twenties, or people that have been using social networking apps for awhile.  My LinkedIn contacts tend to be older, and mainly business oriented.  MySpace is all over the map as far as age, but most of my contacts there are bands, actors, etc.

So as far as business, LinkedIn is still the most useful for me.  facebook may grow as time goes on, but we’ll see.

The biggest problem I’ve noted is this:  the people you really want to get ahold of, that is, buyers and users, often either don’t have any type of profile, or rarely use the one they’ve got.  I think it’s mainly due to age – they tend to be late thirties and up and so don’t use it (not that all people in that age range don’t, just most).  The real users are early thirties and below – so as they progress upwards, that’s when it will really take off.

I’ll write more about using them and how my online wrold is getting more intertwined, but these are my initial thoughts.  What do you think?


On the Riverfront

For the last two days I was in Washington, DC visiting a customer.  Tuesday night we had a great dinner at Tony & Joe’s Seafood Place in Georgetown.  We ate outside by the Potomac River.  Here’s the view:

View of the river   View of Georgetown

Unfortunately I somehow missed taking a picture of the Kennedy Center from here, but their website shows a nice shot of it.

This is one of the things I love about traveling.  The chance to experience a quiet riverfront dinner in another city.  We definitely need to build something like this in Pittsburgh.  I think a restaurant on a barge would be cool – like they have on Cleveland’s waterfront.