Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-11-10

16h RT @USATODAY Nearly 40% say marriage is becoming obsolete 

9 Nov Nils Gilman ‏@nils_gilman

Counterinsurgency as a catalyst for information technology revolutions: …

21h SpaceRef Business ‏@spacecommerce

ESA’s IXV reentry vehicle prepares for soft landing 

21h Dilithium? Space Time Crystals – Scientists have devised a method to create… 

21h Covert War with Iran Knows No Boundaries 

21h Headlines at 21st Century Tech for November 9, 2012 

21h China Makes It Official: Game of Thrones Is On 

8 Nov US AFRICOM ‏@USAfricaCommand

Eight Navies Complete East African Exercise Cutlass Express 2012 … #AFRICOM @NAVEUR_NAVAF

9 Nov J. Scott Shipman ‏@jscottshipman

Largo Man’s Labors of Love: Good Food and Warfare 

23h Gary McGraw on National Cybersecurity 

23h Taliban suicide bomber attacks Rangers HQ in Karachi 

9 Nov @jason_d_carr Exactly. The same thing that resulted in US jobs going there – they didn’t learn from history!

9 Nov China Losing Jobs to Vietnam 

9 Nov We’re doomed: Poll: Nearly One Third Of Americans Would Accept ‘TSA Body Cavity Search’ in Order to Fly 

9 Nov More al Qaeda links to Cairo terror cell reportedly found 

9 Nov How Terrorist Groups Disband 

9 Nov I’d say this is stretching it a wee bit… Internet Access Is a Human Right, Says United Nations 

9 Nov Building Resilient Cities: A Conversation With Andrew Zolli and Jonathan Rose 

9 Nov Still want to know when he’s returning that peace prize: War Plans for Mali Leaked 

8 Nov Bionic Limbs Step Up – Thought-Controlled Prosthetic Leg Climbs 2,100 Stair Building 

8 Nov US drone strike near Yemeni capital kills AQAP commander, 2 fighters 

8 Nov The Race to a Billion Billion Operations Per Second: An Exaflop by 2018? 

8 Nov Some suggestions to the GOP from @zenpundit : The Republican Party: A Strategic View 

8 Nov Profitable climate fixes are too tempting for rogue geoengineers to resist: 

8 Nov Kepler’s Conjecture falls: Pitt professor cracks 400-year-old math mystery 

8 Nov Possible Habitable World in a Six-Planet System 

8 Nov Trouble at the Top in China 

8 Nov Game of Thrones: Anglosphere Moves as Australia and Canada Boost India Ties 

8 Nov *headdesk* Pennsylvania gives billions to companies, gets little back, studies say 

7 Nov Taliban suicide bomber kills 5 people in Peshawar 

7 Nov Milena Rodban ‏@MilenaRodban

US stocks plunge after Election Day; major indexes close more than 2% down – @CNBC 

 7 Nov Regulation as a Prisoner’s Dilemma 

7 Nov Mogadishu on the Mend 

7 Nov Fiscal Cliff Notes – By Gordon Adams 

7 Nov In Laos, Xayaburi dam to go ahead 

7 Nov Zawahiri says raids on diplomatic facilities were ‘defeats’ for US 

7 Nov Wow. This would be historic indeed. Puerto Rico…the state: The most important election result? 

7 Nov RT @Wikistrat: Will environmentalists halt economic development of Arctic region? #HowTheArcticWasWon simulation analyzes cc:@arcticfutures

7 Nov Singularity Hub ‏@singularityhub

New at the #Dentist – 3D Printing Dental Crowns While you Wait | Singularity Hub … @sironadental#3dPrint #CAD #CAM

7 Nov Big Think ‏@bigthink

One culture, one society. “Multicultural society” is a physical (and sociological) impossibility. @SatoshiKanazawa …

7 Nov US AFRICOM ‏@USAfricaCommand

African Students Learn the Truth about Security … #AFRICOM

6 Nov Dear Chris Matthews: No, YOU’RE the idiot: …

 View summary

6 Nov Jacob ‏@Darjeelingzen

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” H. L. Mencken

6 Nov In light of the PA voting machine screwup, Democrats: Don’t get cocky: 

6 Nov Biomedicine Update: Building a Better Human Using Medical Technology 

6 Nov On Pakistan and nukes: @cchristinefair : Great article in Foreign Policy! …

6 Nov CIA Spy Girl ‏@CIAspygirl

Small Favor: Please don’t post any #Election2012 results or comments. I’m tivo-ing the election & will watch this weekend after#Homeland.

6 Nov  ISAF captured IMU weapons trafficker in northern Afghanistan 

6 Nov Laura Walker ‏@LauraWalkerKC

Special Forces and Navy SEALS Head to Polls, Counter Black Panther Presence 

6 Nov Jane McGonigal ‏@avantgame

It’s amazing how many people are tweeting at me who believe the myth that voter fraud is common. …

6 Nov Good read: RT @angie_a: When in doubt, ACT …

6 Nov Teratocracy Triumphant?  via @cascio

6 Nov New CEO at RedZone Robotics 

6 Nov He called it: Carl Sagan on politics in the age of information 

6 Nov Small Wars Journal ‏@smallwars

Dual Use? #Iran‘s nuclear program 

6 Nov Pakistani General to Civilian Leadership: Don’t Mess with Us 

6 Nov mObi – The Latest Arrival To The Crowded Telepresence Robot Scene 

6 Nov Is Japan heading for a Zombie future? 

6 Nov  Another Sunday, Another Attack on African Christians 

6 Nov Al Qaeda in Iraq suicide bomber kills 31 at Iraqi Army base in Taji 

6 Nov KurzweilAINews ‏@KurzweilAINews

Blind mole rats may hold key to cancer: Some 23% of humans die of cancer, but blind mole rats — which can live f… 

6 Nov American Suzuki to file for bankruptcy, end U.S. auto sales 

6 Nov Already had this book in my anti-library: Book Review: Lords of the Sea by John R. Hale  via @zenpundit

6 Nov Lots of good links here: China linkage: Party Congress, round-tripping, Mao’s thought, mega dams and more 

6 Nov @stcolumbia Or retaliation by those countries, either. We’d never do one in Russia or China…

 View conversation

6 Nov Thomas P.M. Barnett ‏@thomaspmbarnett

China bad sign #2: young professionals leaving in record numbers …

6 Nov New Vulnerability Against Industrial Control Systems 

6 Nov Future of logistics, supply chain management, freight,… 

6 Nov Uncertainty Increasing, Which Is Postnormal 

6 Nov A Christian view of the election: This Is Not A Democracy 

5 Nov Kind of puts it in perspective: CHART – U.S. Corporate Profits Vs. Employee Wages 

5 Nov Losing Yemen – By Gregory Johnsen 

5 Nov 12 Catastrophes the Next President Must Avoid – By David Rothkopf 

5 Nov Syrian Rebels Get Better at Fighting But Not at Governing 

5 Nov Erdogan Goes to Gaza 

5 Nov China: big bad sign #1 (money leaks out) 

5 Nov Chemical Plant Protest in China Highlights Growing Popular Power 

5 Nov Al-Qaeda on the Run in Algeria? 

5 Nov Another anti-Taliban leader assassinated in northwestern Pakistan 

5 Nov The future of news: automated, crowdsourced, and better than ever 

5 Nov Game of Drones? Asian Militaries Shift Toward Cutting Edge Tech 

5 Nov US adds Haqqani Network suicide operations chief to list of global terrorists 

5 Nov Towers Of Vegetables Go Up As Singapore Builds First Vertical Farm 

5 Nov Vesta: A Protoplanet’s Mutable Surface 

5 Nov Wearable Breast Cancer Test Detects Tumors Before Doctors 

5 Nov Curiosity s Methane Hunt Comes Up Empty 

4 Nov Stuart Candy ‏@futuryst

How is Singapore integrating foresight into government? @aaronmaniam explains  #governance #futures/cc @dunagan23

4 Nov Taliban claim over 20 insider attacks in 8 months 

4 Nov Perceptive blog post by @ericgarland : This is what we mean by systemic fragility 

4 Nov Blogfest Asia 2012: a thought or two  via @faineg

4 Nov Milena Rodban ‏@MilenaRodban

#Israel announces plans to boost Iron Dome #missile interceptor 

4 Nov Anti-Taliban commander assassinated in Buner 

4 Nov European Crisis: Five More Years 

4 Nov The New Industrial Revolution 

4 Nov Scary: Fracture the Empire-States to Enhance Democracy – Global Separatism  cc: @ericgarland

4 Nov Something I need to remember, via @hipbonegamer and @zenpundit: Details, nuances and blind-spots… 

4 Nov No Dystopian Future For Me! 

4 Nov New Pitt lab aims to move quantum computing 

4 Nov Jihadists suspected in deaths of 3 Egyptian policemen 

4 Nov Good question from Pundita: Why didn’t NYC Mayor Bloomberg think to ask visiting marathoners to pitch in and help 

4 Nov New book out – recommended: History of the Renaissance World …

4 Nov Does Xi’s Rise Mean a More Aggressive China? Not Necessarily 

4 Nov Campaigns Embrace Big Data, Algorithms, Mobile Tech…They Know Who You Are 

3 Nov Dan Trombly ‏@stcolumbia

Via @aelkus, this is an article about how cholera caused WWII by killing Clausewitz early. …


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