Learning Digital Marketing

Recently I “discovered” the field of Digital Marketing. Of course I’ve been aware of it for years, but I didn’t realize how much I’ve been involved in it until I interviewed for a Web Administrator position.

I’ve been active on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress for over 10 years now, and a couple years ago I joined Instagram. Recently I got into Snapchat, although that was more the result of having a 14 year old son than anything else. On Twitter I have over a thousand followers, and while my numbers on all these sites are modest, they’ve all come without me doing any marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at all; indeed, I have no one theme that I’ve focused on.

After being inspired by this Beirut entrepreneur, I decided to start increasing my knowledge in this area. Web sites are more than just development; they are also ways to market yourself or a product to customers. I’ve signed up for classes in digital marketing and SEO. I’ll write a little about them as I go.

Stick around for the ride, and feel free to subscribe! I cover coding as well!