Shorts, legs, and the white tube socks

I became an engineer.  I say this because it’s:


1)  The opening line to John Hersey’s book, A Single Pebble


2)  Background to this post.


Obviously, fashion is not going to be my strong point, although I am getting better thanks to the internet and to the fact that I married an intelligent woman!


However, I’m struggling with this post by Joanna Van Vleck of Trunk Club – and if you haven’t checked them out, do so!  It’s a way to buy clothes for guys that doesn’t involve suffering through being in a store and having no idea what you’re doing, being waited on by a minimum wage paid girl that could care less.


Joanna says that white tub socks are a no no at the gym – even if you “scrunch” them down.  Okay – but I’ve always worn them at the gym.  Egad!  And worse, she says that ankle socks are what you should wear!  This disturbs me on two levels:


A)  When I think ankle socks, I think of the ones girls wear with the little balls on the back,




B)  Gadzooks!!  White hairy male legs!  Yikes!  Pollution!


She doesn’t however, address whether they’re okay under jeans with sneakers (tennies, to us Pittsburghers).


So what do you think?  White tube socks okay or not?  When?

How NOT to do a Pick-Up Routine

Us at the Maniac party

A couple weeks ago, my wife and I went to a Maniac Magazine Launch Party at Elixir Ultra Lounge. While we were there, we met another nice couple and hung out with them.

Later in the evening, we were downstairs, and an interesting thing happened. I was talking with my wife and the other guy’s wife (Girl in Red Chinese Dress, or GRCD), and this guy stepped into our circle and said hi to the two women. A moment later, a second guy stepped in and cut me off from them.

I knew immediately what was happening; knowing and trusting my wife as I do I stood back and enjoyed the show, conversing with the second guy – we’ll call him wingman.

It turns out they were from London; Guy #1 (Soldier Boy) was home from Afghanistan where he’d served with the British Army, and Wingman was his friend. They were traveling the States on vacation.

Soldier Boy was doing his best to get the girls interested, including massive kino (touching) but he wasn’t getting very far. My wife got bored and walked away to GRCD’s husband. I joined them there, and both Soldier Boy and Wingman double-teamed GRCD. I went back over, and Soldier Boy kept stepping in front of me. I laughed it off and continued to engage him in conversation (AMOGing), and finally he turned and started talking to me while my wife rescued GRCD.

I’m sure if the girls had been single it may have worked better – maybe, but hitting on married women in front of their husbands is low-class and pathetic. And they did it so badly it was all I could do to keep from laughing. Props for them trying though. They slunk away, tried two other girls, and after striking out, they left the place.

Better luck next time, chaps!


How to be a Man, Introduction

Many years ago, before I married my wife, I had a problem.

I had no idea how to be a man.  I always thought that when I grew up I’d be mature, confident, in control.  But I wasn’t, and most of the time I was just muddling through.   I wasn’t doing well with women, so I joined a Christian dating group, and at one event, I asked a girl out.  She said no, she didn’t date, and said it was because of a book by Josh Harris called I Kissed dating Goodbye.

Naturally, I (and many others interested in the same girl) went out and bought the book.

To be honest, I didn’t think much of his philosophy.  Your mileage, of course, may vary.  But what did impress me is the last part of the book where he talked about making yourself ready for your wife.  Improving your character, getting right with God, useful skills, that sort of thing.

I took a good long look at myself and I wasn’t happy with what I saw.   So I started to read, prolifically, and work on my social life.   Then I got married and had a kid.  Now I’m working on my career.

I won’t lie and say I have it all figured out – I’m not sure anyone ever really does.  But I’d like to share my learnings in an occasional series of posts.  My next post will mention some of the books I started with, and some of the lessons I learned from them.

Stick around.  I think you’ll find it interesting!