FreeCodeCamp and Learning Express.JS: Introduction

So, we’ve finally completed the Node.js tutorials and now we’re ready to move on.  The next tutorial in the Back End Development Certification sequence for FreeCodeCamp is Express.js.  What is that, you ask?

The basic explanation is this:  Express is a whole bunch of routines to do things in Node so you don’t have to write long programs with lots of code.  It’s a library, so you can call it from within Node, and it “sits on top” of the Node Server.  It’s also extensible – you can call other libraries from Express.js – and we will in the tutorials ahead.

The fancy term for Express is Middleware.  You have a whole bunch of small routines that are part of a stack, and Node’s http server hands off requests to this stack via Express, the “middleware”, which processes it, and then the stack returns a response to the Node server again and that goes on to the client.

I know that a lot of this isn’t going to make sense now; but as we go through the tutorials you’ll start to get some of it.  This tutorial was okay – I learned some from it – but I think that it could have covered things like routes a whole lot better.  We’ll come to that though.  For now, I’ll leave you with a link to the tutorial that FreeCodeCamp recommends before starting the Express.js tutorial:

Also, I very highly recommend this book:


Express in Action: Writing, building, and testing Node.js applications by Evan Hahn


See you next time!

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