Theology 101: An Occasional Series

Theology is a pretty complex subject and has a LOT of areas to explore.  I’ve actually written several posts on it before. I still keep up on my reading so I’d like to pass on some of what I’m learning.  I figured I’d start an occasional series like I have with my Remedial Law 101 series.

My theology has been challenged this past year due to personal disasters.  Things have happened that made me question what I believe.  I had to go back to bedrock.  I know for sure that I believe every word of the Apostle’s Creed.  Beyond that…I don’t know.  A lot is on the table, from inerrancy to infallibility to just how much God is involved in our daily lives.  And my view of moral issues is on the table as well.  Which side of the Progressive vs. Conservative debate I fall on is up in the air now.

I’ve always seen God as a stern judge, ready to smite me for doing the wrong thing, punishing me for my many flaws, and grudgingly letting me into heaven because I believe in the atonement.  So one of the first things I’ve been doing is rejecting that image, and reminding myself constantly that God loves me now, flaws and all, just as I am, unconditionally.  And even if I make choices He doesn’t approve of, He’ll still love me, and not just to the point of letting me in to Heaven, but loving me as His child.

I also want to touch on some other religions and faiths, as well as exploring some of the diverse ways of practicing Christianity, such as Santeria, Candomblé, and Umbanda.  I’m taking some classes through Harvard on sacred scriptures as well.

For those of you following my Free Code Camp and JavaScript posts, don’t worry!  There’s still be plenty of those!


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