Thursday – Day 6 in a row!

Yes, so far so good.

Today I went down to Oakland for a seminar, except it turns out the seminar was tomorrow!  I will report on it after that, obviously.

I took advantage of the goof and spent some time in the Starbucks there, working my way through a module in a class I am taking on Future Cities.  The session today was on stocks and flows and how they can be applied to cities.  Stocks are what is already in pace and doesn’t move; flows, obviously, are the opposite.  Examples of stocks might be reservoirs of water, or data repositories.  Flows can be that of information, water, migrants, and so on.  This gives a way to organize the complexity of describing a city in one kind of model.  I read about the concept in a book by Donella Meadows about systems thinking.  The book covers the subject much more in depth.  David Kilcullen also refers to the concept in his book, Out of the Mountains, as one way of figuring out how to stop urban guerrillas by interrupting their flows of material into and out of the city.

I also wrote a script for my SQL class and took a quiz on the concept.  An SQL Script, as defined by my textbook, “consists of one or more SQL statements that are stored in a file.”  They are executed in a batch.

So, all in all, I got a lot done despite the mishap!


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