Tuesday – Productivity Fail…

Today was a hard one. I was slow to start, had a burst of productivity, then it died.

For one of my classes, I read a chapter of International Relations on International Political Economy. As always, they make the case that humans are rational actors, which after reading Kahneman‘s Thinking, Fast and Slow, I’m not sure how anyone can still hold that belief. I think it’s high time that someone writes an economics textbook that takes the findings of Brian Arthur and the Santa Fe Institute into account.

Next, I worked through a lesson on Epidemiology, a work-at-your-own-pace course I’m taking from Coursera. As I’ve noted in past posts, I’m working on finding a way to integrate my interests into a career. Epidemiology is one possibility to use data science, complexity, and a wish to help people. I also have book called Epidemiology: A Very Short Introduction, and I read a chapter of that.

Finally, I’ve been working through a statistics textbook, learning how to take data and analyze it. Today was on Frequency Distributions.

I continue to read Samantha Power‘s book on Genocide. Right now, I’m learning about the Khmer Rouge and what they did in Cambodia, while our government basically played the three monkeys. Power says this is a common theme of US relations. Which, okay, but I hope that at some point she offers her solutions as well.

And then my productivity died. Well, hopefully better tomorrow!


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