Tweets of the week ending March 14

A Brief History of Suburbia’s Rise and Fall

News: Why Pope Francis Excites (Most) Evangelical Leaders

There’s always a catch:

Carbon nanotubes as a potent cancer promoter – new data from NIOSH

Space junk is a major problem:

FYI, We’ve at least 500,000 objects moving around 18,000…

On Secrecy

Saddam a tyrant, but war was wrong

Stuxnet is Much Older than We Thought

Mission Creep in the War on Terror – By Rosa Brooks

Hacked credit agencies info all over P2P networks

Curious as to @davidgraeber ‘s thoughts on this:

In Defense of Homo Economicus

‏@RobertDKaplan RT @stratfor: George Friedman and Robert D. Kaplan discuss how realism and morality both affect politics

Will be interesting to see what blowback they get:

Moscow Says ‘No’ To New Mosques

Nationalism on the Internet

The Future Of E-Commerce For Small Businesses

Are We Ready for an Internet Cold War? via bigthink

connected-marketing by Chris Anderson:

Peer production, open source,…

 Pope Francis I, economic crusader

Starring Pittsburgh’s own @woycheck :

SXSW, Pittsburgh-style: Guest blog

Energy Update: Japan First to Extract Natural Gas from Ice

Beyond 3D Printing: Self Assembly – Even as 3D is just slowly…

Security Theater on the Wells Fargo Website

South Africa’s economic outlook in 2013

Why and how to map the new economy in your city

Reflections on “The Future of Evangelicalism”

Interested in #foodsecurity ?  You should probably see this movie:

What ‘food industry’ actually means

Why Big Data Marketing Can’t Do It All

The Outsized Role of Britain in the Modern World

Excellent infographic on tomorrow’s world:

 “Iraq In The Year 2023″ Simulation Executive Summary

And so it begins: China plans first commercial trip through Arctic shortcut in 2013:

5 big problems of big data

Why It’s Nearly Impossible to Make GPS Work for India

Hacking Best-seller Lists

Window Cleaning Robots Making Their Way To Skyscraper Happy United Arab Emirates

Cisco IP Phone Hack

Cool concept:

Can Floating Architecture Save This Nigerian Slum?

I’d say very much.

Iraq 10 Years Later (1): How Culpable is Academic International Relations?

Energy Update: New Molten-Salt Reactor Company a Spinoff from MIT

Never thought this was realistic:

The SysAdmin was meant to be “light”

Whither China-US relations?

The Good Ol’ Cold War

“The Logic of Surveillance”

CMU unveils CHIMP designed to help in a disaster

Links – AI & Robots

Technological trends in agriculture

SpaceX’s Grasshopper Rocket Launches, Hovers, and Lands [Video]

By the author of the excellent Wired for War, @peterwsinger

The Global Swarm – By P.W. Singer

Environment Update: New Study Indicates Northern Vegetation is Changing with Rising Temperatures

Why the Afghan ‘peace conference’ idea keeps bombing

Gizmos & Gadgets: 3D Desktop Scanning Makes Replicating 3D in Print a Lot Easier

Peter Ellyard – Rapid Prototying the Future

What do STEM employers want?

The elder entitlement conundrum: raising retirement age doesn’t get you what you want

James Bridle on the Canon Drone

If We Want Competitive Economies, We Must Manage Our Water Better

WWF plans to use drones to protect wildlife | Environment | The Guardian

Iranian leader brings the crazy, via @hipbonegamer on @zenpundit :

Chavez and the Second Coming?

Is Software Security a Waste of Money?

Embracing the Autocatalytic City

Infinity Journal is always worth a read:

Strategic Theory Monday Twofer

Fearsome UK Robot Aircraft Is Semi-Autonomous and Will Fly in 2013



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