On The Relevance Of Celtic Christianity To Today

I have always had an interest in Celtic Christianity.  What is that, you ask?  Well, it’s what people like St. Patrick practiced, before Rome ordered them to fall in line with the official way of doing things.  Here are some of the tenets they followed, as described in a great post at the Celtic Voices blog by Cindy Thomson:

“· A genuine love of nature and a passion for God’s creation, coupled with a sense of closeness between the natural and supernatural.

· A love of art and poetry, seen within surviving illuminated Gospels and other works.
· Although they seem to have been theologically orthodox, there was a distinct emphasis on the Trinity, respect for Mary the Mother of Christ, the Incarnation and the use within worship of early forms of liturgy.
· Within their religious life we see an emphasis on solitude, pilgrimage and mission, sacred locations and tough penitential acts.
· There were few boundaries between the sacred and the secular
· We see an emphasis on family and kinship ties.
· There seems to have been greater equality for women than we see generally in the Church today.
· A generous hospitality was an important part of everyday life.”


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