A Dozen Habits for Success

Leo Babuta of Zen Habits notes that success is the result of good habits.  Lately, I’ve been trying to develop some in myself and one of the best guiudes I’ve found is John Maxwell’s twelve daily disciplines (the Daily Dozen) from his book Today Matters.


Here’s the whole list, for reference:


1.)  Attitude: Choose and display the right attitudes daily.

            Is your attitude a plus or minus today?


2.)  Priorities: Determine and act on important priorities daily.

            Are your priorities keeping you focused daily?


3.)  Health:  Know and follow healthy guidelines daily.

            Is your health enabling you to succeed today?


4.)  Family: Communicate with and care for my family daily.

            Does your family situation provide support today?


5.)  Thinking:  Practice and develop good thinking daily.

            Is your thinking mature and productive today?


6.)  Commitment: Make and keep proper commitments daily.

            Have your commitments been kept today?


7.)  Finances:  Make and properly manage dollars daily.

            Have your financial decisions been solid today?


8.)  Faith:  Deepen and live out my faith daily.

            Has your faith been active today?


9.)  Relationships:  Initiate and invest in solid relationships daily.

            Are your relationships being strengthened today?


10.)  Generosity:  Plan for and model generosity daily.

            Has your generosity added value to others today?


11.)  Values:  Embrace and practice good values daily.

            Are your values giving you direction today?


12.)  Growth:  Seek and experience improvements daily.

            Is your growth making you better today?


You’re supposed to practice all twelve every day, but I figure at this point I’ll focus on one a day and see how it goes.  If I can do that over time hopefully all twelve will become habits!


2 thoughts on “A Dozen Habits for Success

  1. Of course attitude is #1. Got here, to your blog, by way of your comment on Ryan Holiday’s post. Made for some nice evening reading, and topical since I just came home from a few weeks in Pittsburgh.

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