Partying with the Maniacs



Last Thursday night my wife, a friend of mine, and I all went to a launch party for Maniac Magazine’s annual fashion issue.  It was hosted at Eleven, a new restaurant in the Strip District.  The Strip is just east of Pittsburgh on the banks of the Allegheny River and despite it’s name has nothing to do with exotic dancers, despite what many of my company’s customers think.


Eleven was quite impressive and is definitely an upscale place.  It has two stories and for this night the VIP section for the party was on the top floor.  Our friend Viviana escorted us up to our own table, complete with gift bag and bottles of Absolut Vodka and Glaceau vitamin water.  There were also small cupcakes.  I’ve never been VIP before so I have to say we enjoyed it.  The view, towards the river, was beautiful and the weather was just right.


We didn’t eat there, although I’m told the entrees are quite good.  The appetizers certainly were; we tried mushroom pot stickers, mini-BLTs, and ricotta cheese bites.  I’m sure there are fancier names for them, but I’m not that upper class!  There was also an ice sculpture by Richard Bubin, and the man himself was drinking out of a lighted ice beer mug.  Mini of Pittsburgh’s  Bill Schmitt was there as well and the guests were able to have their pictures taken in front of the Mini Cooper banner.


The lovely blonde on their cover (see above) this month is Summer Wise.  She runs an internet business called Trendy Trousseau selling fashion items.  My wife introduced her to my friend and I early in the night, and then later had her picture taken with her.  My gorgeous brunette and a beautiful blonde – I’m looking forward to seeing that picture in the magazine!


The Maniac girls were there – April Hubal and Emily Geyman.  We also met some of the interns, including Whitney Meyer, Ashley Attisano, and Jackie Spyra.  Other members of the staff were there too.


The place was pretty crowded by 10:00 and it looked like quite a few people were enjoying themselves and the special Maniac martinis.  They also were flipping through free issues of the magazine, which features an interview with Jesse McCartney, a photoshoot of the B-94 morning crew, and an article on the House of Diehl as well as their usual columns and great coverage of Pittsburgh’s growing social scene.  Of particular interest to me was an article on the branding campaign for X Shadyside, a gym that always has eye-catching ads.


This was my friend’s first time at a Maniac event and he thoroughly enjoyed it, rubbing elbows with models and photographers and writers and various others.  We’re looking forward to their next issue!



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