The Chris Brogan 100 on Social Media

Although I’ve been using the Internet since 1992, I was slow to join the Social Media bandwagon.  I first started reading blogs in 2004 or so, and I joined MySpace and LinkedIn in October of 2005.  I started blogging in August of 2006 and joined Facebook around the same time.  Still, it’s been an interesting, incredible, and rewarding journey since.

I met Chris Brogan in April of 2007 at Bootcamp Pittsburgh.  Chris has the enviable job of spreading the social media gospel by attending Bootcamps and Podcamps all around the country.  His blog is always interesting and informative.

For his next 100 posts, he plans to help people:

grow the value of your social media and social networking efforts. I will post specific strategies, tactics, tips, and resources to help you develop your skills and abilities in these areas, particularly insofar as these might help you develop your personal brand, build business for yourself or your organization, or otherwise perhaps be helpful to what interests you.  He’s currently accepting suggestions and requests for those 100 posts, so go over and check it out – and join the conversation!


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