You’re filming a movie at Monroeville Starbucks???

Rant follows…

Back in June, Ryan Holiday did a post on people who make too much noise at coffeeshops.  Boy, could I identify!  I’ve come to love going to Starbucks (there are no independents within five miles of me, maybe even ten!) and often I take a book, or sit there and write while drinking a venti (that’s a large, in real-people speak).

What’s hard is when someone comes in a talks at a LOUD volume.  It IS apublic space, yes, and there’s no law against it, but you’d think common courtesy would prevail.  Of course it doesn’t.

So, without further ado, let me present:

The crew who filmed a MOVIE at Starbucks!  And piled their stuff all around me, and talked at an excessively LOUD volume!  I snapped pictures and they looked at me funny.  Welcome to the wired age – where you get to have your ignorant likeness plastered all over the World Wide Web so EVERYONE can see how discourteous you are!

They were IUP students and trying to do a comedy skit.

(and yes, I’m well aware of how ignorant and discourteous I am for doing this!)

  The camera setup

  The actresses playing teachers discussing standardized tests..

  This guy was apparently supposed to be Larry King

  Camera dude

They were emphatically. NOT. funny.

Rant over.


3 thoughts on “You’re filming a movie at Monroeville Starbucks???

  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Take up a hobby man and enjoy life instead of beating down others in secret! If you had such a problem with it, why didn’t you say something at that time???

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