Joe Finder and Harvard Business School

Recently, Joseph Finder wrote a fiction book called Power Play, and the situation in that book led to the writing of a Harvard Business Review case.

We worked through a number of these when I was in Pitt’s MBA program and it was always interesting to see what the responses were.  Everyone had a different opinion and often, there was no answer given as it was a hypothetic case.  This one is like that.  It brings up an intriguing question, then leaves you to think about how YOU would solve it.

Basically, on her first day as CEO of a major aerospace company, a woman finds out that there has possibly been corruption (slush funds, bribes, etc.) in the company’s dealings.  She wants to launch an internal investigation but that could cause major problems with things like the stock price, the company’s reputation, and so on, and since at the moment it’s pure conjecture, is it worth it to do it?

Read the whole case and weigh in at the HBR’s site!



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