30 Days, $10 or bust – Making Money on the Web

Currently I’m participating in the 30 Day Challenge, an online ‘course’ that teaches internet marketing with the goal of making $10 THIS month, and hopefully more after that.  I heard about it through Niels Hoven‘s Facebook feed; Niels was a contestant on Beauty and the Geek.

I’ve wanted to start an internet business for awhile, and make some income passively or as close to it as I can get.  This purports to teach you exactly how to do it.  The only sticking point (for ME) that I can see is ideas.  Not that there aren’t a million of them out there; it’s just that I don’t know that I know enough about anything to be able to do it!  So that’s my big task for the month:  to figure out what I can do!

Wish me luck and check it out yourself!



5 thoughts on “30 Days, $10 or bust – Making Money on the Web

  1. Hi Scott! I’ve signed up for the thirty day challenge as well. I’m not new to Internet marketing, having been at it for ten years or so. I am hoping to learn a lot of new tricks, especially the web 2.0 material, as well as connect with a group of positive, successful people. I think the thirty day challenge will work on both counts.

    Good luck to us both!

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