Bellydance redux and more

 Tribe Taksim

Even though it has a thriving arts scene, Pittsburgh unfairly gets a bad rap from other cities for being backwards and provincial. I’m not just talking about the Cultural District or the live music bars, I’m talking about the underground scene, the stuff that doesn’t get a lot of publicity but is worth seeing just the same.

Last Friday, the family and I went to ModernFormations Gallery on Penn Avenue in Garfield. It wasn’t a very big space, so with over a hundred people it was pretty crowded. But there was a lot to see – a massage therapist, a henna tattoo artist, and of course, the musicians and dancers.

Amanda of Amanda Standalone was a lot of fun to watch, using some interesting instruments, ably assisted by Emay, and even pulling a Bobby McFerrin type riff at one point. My wife loved watching Buddy Nutt with his ‘didjeradoo’. We also enjoyed Molly in the Crowd, a Irish music band that is actually Scottish. They and Ishtar did a great fusion duet. The Vardo Sisters and Khafif were great too.

And of course, there were the dancers – Aviva and Tribe Taksim

We had a wonderful time, enjoying the food and beverages from Your Inner Vagabond, and I highly recommend you check out the artists above!

Amanda Standalone Amanda Standalone      The Vardo Sisters and Khafif  Vardo Sisters and Khafif

  My son enjoys the snacks from Inner Vagabond

My son and Emay get down!    Ishtar / Molly in the


   Tribe Taksim     Sword Dance

  Tribe Taksim and Ishtar



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