It’s All Greek to Me

I don’t usually post “link posts,” but since I’m in North Carolina for training today, here’s some useful links for learning languages.  These will only take you a few minutes a day, so check ’em out!

For Spanish:

The best one I’ve found to date, for maybe ten minute podcasts, is Coffee Break Spanish:

If you are more advanced, try Notes in Spanish:

For you Italians out there (and I’m tired of Italian-Americans saying how proud they are to be Italian but the only word they know is spaghetti!  Gotti fans, you know who you are!), try My Daily Phrase in Italian.  C’mon, one phrase a day, ANYone can do that!

And last but not least, German.  I took five years of it but this is helping me to remember it!  My Daily Phrase in German:

One last resource, for when you think you’re ready for the next level, is a post at open culture.  They put news stories in slowly read German, French and even Latin, so you can follow along and learn more than just tourist speak.

Have fun!


One thought on “It’s All Greek to Me

  1. Excellent stuff! I’ll have to check these out. I have basic proficiency in Spanish, but would love to brush up on Romanian (close to Latin), Turkish, and German. I’ve been thinking of installing Skype and finding language tutors that way, also.

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