Three Down, Seven to Go

Yesterday I did my third Toastmasters speech.  This one was on Why You Should Improve Your Body Language.

I am doing much better.  Some of the anxiety is fading, although I still talk way too fast when I’m speaking.  I used gestures more this time, of course.

It’s funny.  For me, I’m not really afraid to get up in front of people, although of course I am afraid of messing up or blowing it.  No, what’s really the hardest about these speeches is picking a topic in the first place!  What am I interested in enough, what do I know enough about, what can I talk about that will hold my audience’s interest?

And then, organizing all that into a 5 – 7 minute speech.

I’ve done speaking before, but a lot of times I was giving a memorized speech that someone else wrote, or I was doing a sermon (Lots of source material there and the audience was e3xpecting that subject).  So this is kind of new for me.

But so far, I’m doing pretty well.  I’ve even started catching myself before I say “uh” and “um” when I’m doing presentations for my job!

If you haven’t heard of Toastmasters, I recommend them.  Check them out here.


One thought on “Three Down, Seven to Go

  1. Hi Scott,

    I have been a toastmaster for three years now. It is great that you are sharing your experiences with others. Your successes, no matter how small, will inspire people to get better their public speaking skills.

    Congratulations too!

    Jef Menguin, ATMg

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