Cheese with your Wine?

Sometime, I want to go tour some Wineries here in Pennsylvania. I found a good resource site:

I’ve learned quite a bit about wines since marrying into an Italian family. Merlots, Shiraz, Cabs, and so on. Australian and Chilean. I’ve tried them all. I’m no James Bond – I can’t distinguish them by taste – but it’s been fun checking them out.

What would be really cool is if my wife and I could visit and stay at one for a weekend. Anybody know of one like that here in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia?



BTW, the pic is from a Star Trek episode, and the winery belongs to the Picard family…


3 thoughts on “Cheese with your Wine?

  1. Just saw your addition to the PghPodCamp Bootcamp page. 🙂

    Probably the closest thing you’ll get to staying at (near) a vineyard in the Pgh environs is to take your wife to Nemacolin Woodlands…and check out a vineyard right near there on Rt. 40 (cannot remember the name) and the Stone Villa vineyard in Mt. Pleasant (south of I-70, south of the Renaissance Festival location)…we’ve done this a couple of times. There’s another interesting little vineyard in Blairsville (east of Delmont, PA, on rt. 22)…and a few interesting vineyards (or vintners, at any rate) up in Volant, PA. The Stone Villa is the type that has an outdoor facility for summer bands, etc.


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