Shame and Blog Topics

I have shamefully neglected this blog.

The reason is that I find there’s so much pressure.  I want to put out interesting stuff but at the same time, taking the time to do so is hard.  I look at other blogs – Steve Pavlina for example, and it’s insane how much he is able to put out, and quality stuff too.  Even if I don’t always agree with him (i.e., the new agey stuff), he definitely puts a lot of thought into it.

So on days I can’t think of anything really deep, I don’t write…and those days turn into a week, then more, and more….

Meanwhile, one of my goals is to keep up my blog!

I’ll try to update more often!



3 thoughts on “Shame and Blog Topics

  1. personally, i like it when people tell me what they are up to and then do the occasional-hey I saw a story in the paper or whatever. But that’s me 🙂

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