The Changing Face of Pittsburgh

For several years now, Pittsburgh has begun to be the home of some glossy lifestyle magazines, such as Whirl, Pittsburgh Metropolitan, and Maniac Magazine.

Some people put these down as a waste, saying that they are only vanity mags for the wealthy socialites.  I laugh, because I am certainly not a wealthy socialite!  It’s been kind of neat to watch Pittsburgh go from a shot-and-a-beer town, to a mixture of that and upscale lounge and wine bars.

Don’t get me wrong, Pittsburgh is no New York, or LA.  I doubt if it matches Chicago or Austin.  But paging through these mags it’s neat to see the young people in all fields, as well as the rise of specialty stores like Torque Denim.  The ads made me realize that fashion is here in Pittsburgh, it’s just limited to a small set right now.

And that I think, is what’s cool about these magazines.  It lets you see the other side, that Pittsburgh is  blue collar, yes, but that the New York and LA atmosphere is making inroads here.  We don’t have Paris Hilton (Yay!) but we still have attractive heiresses like the Sarris sisters (of Sarris Chocolate fame):

Not quite Mike Madison‘s “Cupcake Class,” I suppose, but I think we’re moving along…



2 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Pittsburgh

  1. So Pittsburgh is evolving in the socioeconomic arena eh? Why should the average Pittsburgher care? Why are the magazines and the trends they showcase relevant to Joe Pittsburgh today?

  2. i’ve enjoyed reading whirl. it gives me a sence of hope for the city. i’m an outsider, having moved from chicago 2 yrs. ago…let me tell you, joe pittsburgh hasn’t a clue how much potential this city has.

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