Musings On How to Pray

One of my Goals for this year is to pray at least five minutes per day.

I suppose, if you add up all the “quickie” prayers I say throughout the day, I’ve done that.  But that wasn’t what I had in mind.  I wanted to get on my knees and pray for five minutes straight.  Part of my failure is not taking the time to do it.

But part of it is that prayer is hard!  I’ve read books on how to pray, gone to Bible studies, heard sermons, and even been involved in Bible studies on the project.  I’ve done the follow the Lord’s Prayer thing (Praise God, thank Him for things, confess sins,  submit requests).  I mean, I’ve been praying for over thirty years.  You’d think I’d have it figured out by now.

But still, sometimes I just don’t know where to begin.  A lot of times my prayers degenerate into wish lists – and mostly just for myself, and then mostly for myself to change for the better.  When I praise Him, at first it was a case of what to say, then as I memorized a few Psalms, I got more poetic, but then it was a question of whether those were my words or if I was just parroting them.

Giving thanks was for the same things every day, and it seems like the list of sins was the same too.  Occasionally I remembered to pray for others.

But what about just listening for answers?  What about contemplative prayer?  So many kvestions!  I suppose, in the end, learning how to pray is like anything else – it’s a process.

So I’m still struggling with it.  But it’s an important part of my life so I’ll keep working on it!



2 thoughts on “Musings On How to Pray

  1. Just talk to Him. Just listen to Him. If you are honest with Him when you speak and you honestly listen for His response then you cant go wrong!

  2. Five munites is very small time for prayer. The devil-santan do not want God’s children to pray. We spend hours in our offices doing earthly jobs, or watching tvs and so on but we spend little or no time for the Creator of heavens and earth we must be making a fatal mistake. Let us put asside a quality time for God- He is the rewarder of all those who deligently seek Him.

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