Coming up with Blog Posts

One of the most difficult things for me in writing this blog has been coming up with blog post ideas.  I don’t want to just make this an online diary, nor do I want to analyze the news.  Too many others do that already and some do it well.

I think one of the things I’ve done wrong is to write on the fly.  I think that in order to have a more interesting and readable weblog, you need to do a couple of things:

1.)    Sit down and plan some of your posts in advance

2.)    Write them in advance and take some time to polish them before posting.

For family blogging or for telling about events this may not be so critical, but for more in-depth things I think it absolutely is.  By doing this I’m not sitting there going, “Um, what do I write about today?” and  I also don’t have an interesting topic with no substance.

Any thoughts from you more experienced bloggers?



3 thoughts on “Coming up with Blog Posts

  1. Some platitudes that have served me well:

    Write and publish as the moment hits you, but don’t be afraid to edit it after the fact (typos and grammatical stuff only – don’t change your stance without announcing it). I might start taking my time and planning my entries out more once my readership increases and I average 25 or more responses regularly, but for a small-volume blog, it’s probably more important to get ideas down and online fast.
    Brevity is key.
    Write drunk/buzzed/loopy. Refine sober.
    Respond to any comment that warrants it.
    Pictures grab people’s attention better than a clever phrase buried deep in a paragraph.

    Good luck!

  2. blogging is highly subjective. You are using the internet as a way to express yourself. Therefore, there is no right or wrong to go about it. Whatever the process or format you use, the finished product should be representative of You and not what you think others expect from you.

    So far so good. This site conveys your wide ranging interests (and short attention span) and your tone.

  3. Good Morning!

    I happened on your blog this morning, saw your Legacy 2 post as having just gone up and stopped by to see. Very nice!

    I agree with your thoughts here about thinking ahead, and also about writing well. Virosa’s comment about not being afraid to come back and edit is a good one! Sometimes it takes a while for us to find the right improvement for an awkward thought, but that’s OK, others can read in while we find it 😀

    I carry an inexpensive wire notebook with me to collect my thoughts as they come, kind of a portable writer’s stash. When a thought arrives I jot a note or two at the top of a blank page. As more thoughts come I catch them with that net of sorts, and soon I’ve enought collected to actually say something someone might want to read. When it’s finished I pull and toss my scribbles. Sometimes a blog entry is complete before the end of the day, sometimes it’s… well, I have thoughts in there several weeks old. But at least they’re not lost forever.

    One hint if I may, be willing to let your readers in on the less-deep part of you too. It’s very inviting, helps your readership see that you’re an ordinary guy too, and makes the occasional profound thought truly special! 😀



    (I’ll look on you again, count on it!)

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