New Year, New Habits

So, here’s my first post for the New Year of 2007!

The title is a resolution I had.  Resolutions aren’t always good – most people bail on them by mid-January.  I’ve set some goals for this year as I detailed in a previous post.

I’m still kicking around trying to pick a focus for my blog.  As you can probably tell from the categories list, and from reading previous posts, I’m all over the map.  The big problem is, I have a ton of interests and it’s hard to pin it down to just one subject.  I guess I’m a kind of Renaissance guy.

Anyway, regular posting should resume now!


One thought on “New Year, New Habits

  1. Awwww don’t worry about being all over the map, think of it as being diverse! 😀 As I recall, God likes variety.

    What a great use of the Categories section of your blog – write about them all, and see what happens!


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