Halloween Capers and Zombies attack STBD!

Last night we took #1 Son trick or treating for the first time. As it was also his birthday, he loved every second of it, rain and all. People were passing out tons of candy since there weren’t many kids out, so he made out like a bandit. Gotta love it!

UPDATE:  Here he is in all his glory – points to you if you can tell me what he is:

In other news, Something to be Desired has their Halloween episode out – zombies attack! Check it out:

Hmmmm. Am I allowed to have STBD in the same post as my son? In any case, I should also mention that they have a blog, too! Check ’em out!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Capers and Zombies attack STBD!

  1. 1. Thanks for the STBD plug — zombies are conversational.

    2. Your son is Bob the Builder, no?

    3. Good luck on NaNoWriMo. I meant to do that this year, but creating a web series while hosting a podcasting convention is taking up my waking life.


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