Plotting a story

I have the worst time coming up with interesting plots. I see story prompts, pictures, or whatever and I can write a really good scene, but tying that into a larger plot is hard for me. Another thing is the plot twist. Mine are pretty predictable.

Partly it’s because of the fiction I read as a kid – Mack Bolan, Tom Clancy, etc. Ludlum blows me away with the intricacies of his plots, as does Eric van Lustbader.

The third issue is I keep trying to figure out what genre I want – Mystery, Thriller, or Sci-Fi or some combo of them. Well, I’ve got to start writing again. NaNoWriMoNational Novel Writing Month – is November, (HT: My Brilliant Mistakes) and while I don’t intend to enter this year, I hope to get in next year.

How do _you_ come up with interesting plots?

2 thoughts on “Plotting a story

  1. The joyous thing about NaNoWriMo is that it doesn’t give you time to worry about interesting plots but instead gives you an excuse to write *uninteresting* plots. You have to get something written, no matter how good or bad.

    This is important because interesting plots often come from uninteresting first drafts. Just start writing boring, derivative stuff, and suddently you’ll find that an interesting thing will pop up. And then another. And if not, you revise the boring, untwisty, predictable first draft into a better, interesting, twisty second draft.

    Don’t wait until next year! Do it this year! You have absolutely nothing to lose.

  2. HERE HERE! I agree with what she said. Go for it! You have enough stuff from prior years! Don’t make me try and find any of it! 🙂

    You’re an awesome writer!

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