Shostakovich and symphony redux

So here we are, live at the Pittsburgh Symphony and Heinz Hall. We just saw thePSO perform various pieces by Shostakovich, a composer trapped behind theIron Curtain during Stalin’s regime. The music is really dissonant, had cheerful overtones underlaid by melancholy, and it was impressive but sad. You really feel for the oppressed peoples who were behind the Soviet veil.

The PSO performed brilliantly, and we especially loved watching the bass drummer!

On a brighter note, we got to see a pre-concert talk by Greg Sandow, and also got a backstage tour. Fascinating! Some pics:

The view from the lower level:

Backstage with Mike Woycheck and Jonathan Mayes:

Another view from backstage:

Rehearsal room:

The library:

Secret tunnel:

Greg Sandow gives a post-concertblogging chat:

2 thoughts on “Shostakovich and symphony redux

  1. Great posted. I too enjoyed the show but I wish i wouldnt have missed the backstage tour. But thanks to your great pictures I get an idea of what I missed.

    Thanks! Maybe next time I will be able to meet my fellow burgh blogger.

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